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Greetings VRBO and Cabin Owners!

We know you are a pro-active owner if you are a VRBO’er, but we also know you can’t be in the Smokies as often as you like.

FrontWhen you come to visit your own cabin, if you are disappointed it is likely your renters are as well. Some will voice their concern, but many will just move on and rent somewhere else the next time.

Do you spend your vacation working on your property instead of enjoying it?

In many cases, the only “eyes and ears” for your cabin/chalet/condo, are the cleaning staff. So their motivation is to get in and out and on to the next cabin.
VPM does not require a contract. Contact us today at: 865-640-8386 vacationpropertymonitors@gmail.com www.vacationpropertymonitors.com

Our service will pay for itself time after time!

We work for you not the rental or cleaning companies. Our mission is to be your eyes and ears and help protect one of your largest assets. One lost guest could pay for this service for a full year!


Our Mission


small-logo-3Our mission is to be your eyes and ears here in the Smoky Mountains. We don’t work for a rental company or a cleaning company, we work for YOU, the cabin owner. We have no agenda other than to help you protect one of your largest assets. Remember, just one lost guest could pay for this service for a full year!

We want to make your guest’s first impression one they will never forget. Trust us to go above and beyond for the guest and for you.

1. Your bookings will increase.
2. Your customer satisfaction will increase.
3. Your repeat guests will increase.
4. Your referrals will increase.
5. Your utility bills will decrease.
6. Your complaints will decrease.
7. Your guests will leave your home in better condition.
8. Your cleaners will do a better job.
9. No more surprises when you visit.
10. Your visits to your Smoky Mountain dream home can actually be fun again!

Our Services

We can offer vacation homeowners a comprehensive, standard inspection checklist or we can work with you to customize a list based upon your specific needs. Our service will pay for itself time after time. One lost guest can pay for this service for a full year.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears!! Oh, My! Part 3

One thing is for sure, when you enter the woods in East Tennessee during the warm summer months, you should expect to be sharing the space with black bears. They are there even if you don’t happen to see them. It’s very important that you know how to handle a bear encounter. You need to know the proper ways to ensure that both you and the bear remain safe and not harmed. It is well known that East Tennessee has the biggest population of black bears, so you are...

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, my! part 2

Let me tell you a bit about the bears. All the bears in East Tennessee are black bears. However, they can be found to be brown or even a reddish- brown color in other regions of the country. Accordingly, they vary in size and weight due to the sex of the bear and how well they have fed over time. Males are big boys weighing in as much as 250 pounds, females will be smaller at only 200 pounds. By the end of summer, a healthy bear can weigh...

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, my!

NO, there are no lions or tigers wandering around in the woods in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee but, it’s springtime and that means bears are coming out of a sort of hibernation and the momma bears are having their little ones, which can be as many as 4 cubs or as few as just 1 cub. She will soon be taking them out of their birth den to show them the world and let them roam around a bit and learn to be a bear. Since their...

Dave and Busters Entertainment Center

Let me tell you a story about two young entrepreneurs and how they decided to join forces and become Dave and Busters. Back in the 70s, Buster had a restaurant with friendly service and really good food. Dave had opened an entertainment place for adults to have fun a few doors down from Busters. Over time, they noticed that their customers switched between their two establishments. Being as they were both smart young men with an eye for business, they thought of putting both under one roof! Imagine that!...

Blake Shelton is bringing more country to Gatlinburg!

Blake Shelton brings more country to Gatlinburg YES!! He certainly is doing just that. On the Gatlinburg Parkway you will find Blake Shelton’s Ole Red, his lifestyle branded restaurant. It will open sometime in the spring of 2019. It will be multi-level 16,000 square foot exciting entertainment setting. There will be a performance area along with a dance floor. You will be able to satisfy your retail therapy. A two-story bar and restaurant plus an outside terrace will round out the venue. Remember Shelton’s hit song, “Ol’ Red?” Well,...

August Moon – Indoor drive-in theater in Pigeon Forge!

     Yes, you read that right! By the end of 2019, there will be an indoor drive-in theater in Pigeon Forge! It appears that August Moon will open first in Pigeon Forge before it will open in east Nashville, probably by the spring of 2020. August Moon in Pigeon Forge will be situated around the area of Teaster Lane and Wears Valley Road. That is where another new complex is being constructed – the new Mountain Mile.   Instead of searching for the perfect spot to watch the...

Pigeon Forge, TN

  Fall in Pigeon Forge is loaded with many events and activities. It will be hard for you to decide what to do first. You  certainly have a lot more options how to play than the five areas i’m telling you about now. so much to do, so little time!   One of the best ways for you to enjoy Pigeon Forge is to get outside and play. The weather is gorgeous, the changing leaf colors will delight your eyes, and the magnificent mountain views will have you snapping...

Sevierville, TN and things to do in the Fall

Sevierville, TN Although Sevierville is not as famous as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, there are still a lot of things to do and well worth taking the time to visit. There is the Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store. It’s a very popular dining and shopping area. It sits beside a 4000+ apple tree orchard. The Apple Barn has some of the most delicious desserts such as fried apple pies, apple cinnamon donuts, and old-fashioned apple stack cakes. Besides the Cider Mill and General Store you will find...

Fall in the Smoky Mountains

There is so much going on Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountains in the fall that I honestly don’t know where to start telling you about them. So, I’ll just pick a few from each city so that you can make the decision where to go and what to do. I do have to begin with the Fall color changes in the Smokies. Mid-October thru the end of November is peak time for the color change. It starts at the highest elevations and works its way down...

Stacy Charlton Wyndham Vacation Rentals

I have working with Louise Malone in her capacity as a Property Inspector for four years.  During that time, I have found her to be very thorough and detail orientated.  She has been fair and even handed in her report delivery-even though she may be conveying  some news of a miss by Housekeeping or Maintenance, she does so in a neutral and professional manner. Her relationship with both our owners and my staff has been a positive one, and I would recommend her services unreservedly. S Charlton -Smoky Mountain...